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Customer accountant functions 

□ Issuance of deferred invoices : 

- Issuance of invoice and billing data, billing data, numbers, billing data, billing data, and special prices

- Previous responsibilities are different from previous activities

□ The customer receives the invoice : 

Receipt from the clients' receipt of the invoices and their signature on the copy of the invoice with the attachments such as the supply bond or the completion certificate

□ Recording the invoice in the accounts of the client's accounts : 

Reviewing the client's financial accounts and making sure that they are registered in government accounts, matching the account with the customer and stating the differences in invoices and making sure

□ Record the sales journal entry : 

Record sales, print on sales, and print on e-mail

   Follow up collections with delegates

Follow-up of the collections due from customers based on the Emaar Begins report and the warning report

 □ Record the collections journal entry : 

The daily records of the treasury or the merchandise of the debtor and credit party, the customer's account

□ Daily adjustments restrictions : 

Record the daily transactions for the transactions settlements in the current account, journal entry, supplier account and the customer account side of the same company

□ Daily returns restrictions : 

Monitor the returns from customers and make sure that the returned materials are received in the warehouse. Accordingly, the sales returns are entered next to the debtor, the sales returns account and the credit side, the customer account

□ Matching customer account statements : 

Printing customer account statements periodically every month, 3 months or a week and matching it with the customer

□ Debt reconstruction report : 

Construction and credit printing, printers

 Balance verification

Authentication of the account, in the event that there are differences in the account, such as bills or unrecorded payments with one of the accounts to the client, by verifying the account balance.

□ As for the duties of a corporate accountant in contracting: 

Approval of a credit opening request

Silk request from the client, for the sake of the documents required in the commercial register and account statement, from a review office for the last 3 years to ensure the commercial activity and the client's disclosure of fulfilling his obligations

□ Monitor the limits and guarantees for the customer : 

A request to provide guarantees from the customer and also to make sure that guarantees are presented by the customer upon purchase, and it is stipulated in the request to submit a composite, order bond, or contract letter.

□ Review letters, payment terms and extracts :  

Accountant of the contracting companies affiliated to it in the contract, auditing accounts with clients, issuing bank guarantee letters and making sure that the client opens for approval.

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